Managed Services Focuses on Your Technology So You Can Focus On Running Your Business

What Is Managed Services?

What Is Managed Services?

How Does It Help My Company?

How Does It Help My Company?

How Much Will It Cost?

How Much Will It Cost?

How Do We Get Started?

How Do We Get Started?

What Is Managed Services? A business relationship aimed at controlling the cost of technology

What Is Managed Services
Managed Services is a Partnership

Managed Services is a unique partnership. It is not simply a product. It is a business relationship between TSOA and your company that helps manage the cost of information technology from a “total business” perspective. We work together with you to understand your company’s priorities and workflow, and then create a custom solution that addresses your priorities and fits your budget.

Our team of professionals pulls from years of experience and the latest cutting-edge tools to maintain every aspect of your information technology. We proactively monitor your network, provide remote support, keep your security and recovery solutions up-to-date, and act as an single point of contact with all of your technology vendors.

  • Proactive Analysis 24x7 Proactive Monitoring and Analysis

    Advanced tools monitor your network, so issues can be addressed before they become critical.

  • Remote Support 8x5 Phone and Remote Support

    Using secure access to your network, we can resolve most issues remotely and provide phone support when needed.

  • Security Monitoring Security and Backup Monitoring

    We daily monitor your firewall, anti-virus, and backup solutions so your network is protected and you can work worry-free.

  • Single Point Single Point of Vendor Contact

    We manage all of your vendors (phone, internet, etc.) and act as an advocate to maintain consistenty and efficiency.

  • Scheduled Visits Regularly Scheduled On-Site Visits

    Your agreement includes regularly scheduled on-site visits to complete maintenance tasks or service projects.

  • Client Portal Client Portal

    Managed Services customers have access to our fully-featured client portal to request service and to view current support status.

How Does It Help My Company? Managed Services increases efficiency and minimizes downtime

How Does It Help My Company?
Increase Efficiency, Decrease Costs

Managed Services helps you focus on building your business. Because Managed Services is a fixed-cost service and incorporates proactive monitoring, it helps CFOs budget more accurately for monthly IT expenses and plan for upgrades.

Managed Services helps relieve pressure from IT departments and makes them more efficient by coming alongside and supporting the people who know your systems the best.

Ultimately, Managed Services increases your entire organization’s productivity by keeping your network running smoothly and allowing your team to focus on what they do best.

  • Increase Efficiency Increase IT Efficiency

    Relieves your IT staff by providing supplemental support and handling daily maintenance issues, which are frequently overlooked or backlogged.

  • Increaes Productivity Boost Team Productivty

    Proactive monitoring and remote support address potentialy critical issues before they happen and can dramatically reducescompany or employee downtime.

  • Reduce IT Costs Reduce IT Costs

    With its fixed-cost model, IT costs become more predictable and manageable. Plus, proactive monitoring turns costly emergency repairs into manageable planned upgrades.

  • Plan for the Future Plan for the Future

    Managed Services provides valuable trend data for your infrastructure which helps plan for the future, either for strategic upgrades or new solutions.

How Much Will It Cost? The cost of managed services is customized according to your workflow

How Much Will It Cost?
Cost of Managed Services

We structure and price Managed Services around your company’s workflow. We follow a three-step process in determining the cost of Managed Services for your company. We carefully listen to your needs, analyze your infrastructure and workflow, and then work with you to create a partnership that meets your business needs--without breaking your budget.

Our Three-Step Proposal Process

  • Step 1 Perform On-Site Visit

    We come on-site to collect information on your current infrastructure and business workflow.

  • Step 2 Analyze The Collected Data

    We analyze collected data and consult with our team of experienced professionals to create a customized proposal.

  • Step 3 Present Proposal For Feedback

    We present the proposal and get feedback from you, making the necessary adjustments to form a strategic business partnership aimed at your company’s success.

How Do We Get Started? Let’s Begin the Conversation on How We Can Partner Together

How Do We Get Started?
Let's Get Started!

We would love to help you get started! If you would like to start the proposal process or just want to talk about whether or not Managed Services is right for your company, just fill out our contact form or call us directly at (407) 877-5923. Let’s start the conversation on how TSOA can partner with your company.

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    Or call 407-877-5923.

  • Tell us about your company

    Briefly describe your managed services needs and how we might help.

  • We’ll take it from there

    We will get back with you and set up a time to talk on the phone or meet in person.